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  • Product Reviews

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Web Content | Digital Publishing

  • Website Copy

  • Blog Content 

  • Canva Graphics

Authentic Brand Identity & Sponsorship

  • Identifying brand values, mission, and vision

  • Targeting short-term and long-range goals

  • Providing authentic promotional campaigns which highlight the best features and performance

Digital Design | Creative Consulting

  • Providing creative consulting services by sparking the creative genius that may possibly lay dormant in business owners and guide them with intuitive talent in visual design, color and composition theory. Selecting the arrangement of patterns, shape, form, texture, and design elements

  • Guiding and direction of typography and coordinating of placement of graphs, charts, text, and images for visual documents or campaigns

  • Assisting with workflows, flowcharts, and storyboards

  • Selecting typography and fonts for images, video content for slideshow presentations, websites, landing pages, splash pages and blogs

  • Designing YouTube banners and thumbnails

  • Creating Canva graphics with themed messaging for social media promotions

  • Optimizing eCommerce platforms for Etsy, Wix, and Wordpress sites


Devotional Writing


  • Writing devotional copy, blog posts for ministry websites, weekly bulletins and Bible-related content for Bible studies for churches, conferences, and events. 


  • Equipping change agents, trailblazers, Kingdom ambassadors, and visionaries with digital communications and visual concepts to teach, edify and transform lives through virtual collaboration and one-on-one engagement that communicates an authentic message of love, hope, encouragement, healing, and salvation rooted in Biblical practices and principles.

Organic Approach to Copywriting


Copywriting is the process of communicating the benefits and advantages of your product or service. With each promotional goal, you must provide value and a clear call-to-action for your customers.


In today’s digital landscape, customers are not your typical buyer. They are technically savvy and understand marketing techniques and gimmicks used to close a sale.


With so much competition in the marketplace, a company needs a direct and genuine approach to introduce their business, explain who they are and clearly state what they provide. Being able to relate to your potential customer through authentic storytelling and engaging with your clients, as well as building solid relationships is key to your bottom line.


It is important to have a holistic approach and unique marketing plan. It all begins with how you present your promotional materials whether through print, digital, audio, or video. 


Your copy needs a combination of strong visuals and written documentation that will speak to your potential customers. Quality and performance must be the overall factor which in turn generates revenue and results.



Benefits of Virtual Services

The convenience of virtual services provides a global reach through digital mediums with timely solutions to get your most pressing projects completed.


If you're interested in learning more about the process, please read the list of short, simple steps to help you get started:


  • One hour consultation session by phone or video conference to assess the scope of the project.

  • Complete  the online Brand Identity Questionnaire

  • Available for video conferencing via Zoom, Web-ExGo-to-Meeting or Google Hangouts

  • Available for chat session through Zoom or Google Hangouts

  • Sign off approvals on projects


All documents will be composed in Microsoft Word and uploaded in Google Drive so you can actively provide feedback during the writing process. Drafts will be revised and reworked prior to the first submission for review by the client to ensure error-free drafts. 







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What's Your Company's DNA?

What's your organization's unique selling proposition (USP)? 


Copywriting is not only about having a persuasive approach, but you must analyze your competition by conducting industry research, case studies, and participating in market testing, as well as studying focus groups and creating prototypes for products. 


Communication is the primary tool that broadens your customers understanding in all areas of your business. There's beauty in the details.


There's a lot more to it than just adding keywords to your website or blog. You should question, “Does this content provide real value to my customer?”

Dare to be Different

Whether your in need of an e-newsletter, website copy, or a savvy social media post, you will need a clear, razor-sharp message to engage your audience. It should explain your overall business culture, mission, and vision. It is the overall picture of what makes you uniquely different from your competitor.

There are millions of content writers

out there and each one has a certain niche, expertise, and style. Finding the right writer for your project is just like shopping for a car. It comes down to style, speed, economical efficiency, technical mechanics, safety, and interior comfort.  I'm not your typical writer so if I've piqued your interest, let's chat!

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