Blogging Basics

Finding Your Niche

It takes time to build a blog. It also takes consistency. So you need to select an area of interest that you will genuinely enjoy or else you will eventually lose interest. Don't just select a topic because it's on trend. Make sure you are interested so you will be fully vested and committed.

Selecting a blog site

I began blogging in 2008 and so much has changed since then. You want to make sure you select a good blog site and hosting service to start out to avoid headaches later.

Getting Started

The thought of starting a blog can be a grueling process, especially if you are not tech savvy. There are many things to consider such as page layout design, selecting readable fonts, branding colors and images as well as finding your voice are just a few basic things you need to consider. You can always reach out to me for a $35/per session (half-hour) consultation to help get you up and running. Let's do this!

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